Five Classic Cheap Designer Bags You Can Use for Various Outfits

With the continuous influx of trends in women’s bags, it can sometimes be difficult and of course expensive to always keep yourself up-to-date with the latest fads. Doing so is not practical at all, as these bags will not be of use anymore when they go out of fashion. From time to time, you can probably indulge in such popular bags as long as they do not cost an arm and a leg! Or you might just be sorry later on. That’s why many of the women are looking for cheap designer bags that would both save money and make a fashion statement.

If you really think about it, it is much better to buy cheap designer bags of classic styles that you can match with any outfit and that can be considered a timeless beauty in the fashion world. But remember that you need not purchase branded ones in order to pull off great, stylish looks. There are plenty of other options you can go for, as long as they are of top-notch quality.

Here are five classic cheap designer bags you can check out online which are sure to complement a wide range of your outfits:

1. Coach Ashley Leather Carryall 15513 – $268

A black leather handbag or shoulder bag such as this one is always a must-have in your collection of carryalls. This particular Coach bag is a great find, with perfect first-rate cowhide leather and a simple but stylish pleated design. It also has an amethyst-colored satin lining inside that adds a touch of flair and elegance. This brand is worth the money spent because the material is durable and long-lasting, with a classic style that can be matched with both casual and semi-casual ensembles.

2. Coach Two-Tone Leather Sabrina Ashley Large Satchel Bag 15447 White/Silver – $274

If you wish to look sophisticated even when you are wearing only a pair of your skinny jeans with a simple white tee, you can count on this posh-looking white bag with silver trimmings from Coach. It is certainly a classic style that can go with a whimsical dress for a fun night out with your friends or with a polo-blazer-slacks attire for work. This bag is made of white genuine soft leather with a zip top that is convenient for regular use. You can be assured of its durability and style at all times.

3. Lucky Brand Stash Leather Foldover Hobo – $168
Lucky Brand - Leather Stash Bag (Vintage Brown) - Bags and Luggage

Another classic-styled cheap designer bag you should gear up with for your daily wear is a brown shoulder bag. Brown, after all, is a neutral color that is easy to match with various outfits. This vintage-inspired stash bag is simple but tasteful, with a few details on the strap to accentuate the look and with a cute semi-circled zipper flap and bulging pockets in front. The design is timeless, although the leather is not the best you can get. But for an everyday bag you can quickly grab when going out, this is already a good buy.

4. Satchels New York 5170RM Medium Cream/Burgundy Tote Bag – $16.99

A tote bag should be part of a woman’s fashion essentials. This is great for everyday use and for shopping purposes. This particular canvas tote bag with a cream and burgundy color combination is perfect for casual wear and can be great with a variety of get-ups. You can pair it with a red floral dress, a bright-colored tank and denim shorts, or even a vintage tee and torn jeans. These kind of cheap designer bags, although easy to catch on dirt and dust, are quite stylish in a laid-back way and can be washed without any trouble.

5. Julie Apple Flip It Convertible Clutch – $88

This convertible clutch with a soft cream-colored material is great for daily use both during the day and in the evening. It is really useful, as you can utilize it as a clutch or as a bigger bag with handle. The design can also go with a vast array of attires and even accessories because of the classic style and neutral color. What’s more, you get to contribute to Mother Earth by using this bag since the fabric is actually created from recycled water bottles! Hence it is organic and strong too.

Indeed these are just a few examples of the classic cheap designer bags you can use for an assortment of outfits so as to maximize them and make the purchase worthwhile.

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  1. Clarisse says:

    a friend recommended your website and i’m glad he did because it is very informative and entertaining.

    • Gabriel says:

      their selling a prada bag for 15 dolarls (real!) it isnt. A prada bag always goes for 1000 or more. The inside is another clue. If the inside of the bag is a nice material, instead of like a crappy cotton type material, the bag tends to be fake. My sister says the way to know a prada bag is real is to buy it at the PRADA STORE!!!

      • Shushanik says:

        Where have you seen Prada here? First of all, I’m not selling anything, I’m reviewing. Second, the bags presented here are from reputable seller, Amazon and Zappos and they are not Prada. Coach and Lucky Brand don’t go for $1000

    • Rani says:

      Look at where you bought the bag. I mean if you buy it from the real store, then it is real, it not, then it proabbly isn’t. ANother way is if you look inside the bag, there is a small tag or label, that will prove that is real. Plus, all fake bags have a mistake on it, the wrong shade of color, pattern and especially when the labels on the bag aren’t straight and you can actually see glue!

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