Top 5 Little Black Dresses For Women

Every girl has heard of that “little black dress”. It is considered a necessity in your wardrobe – for emergency dates with your crush, for a possible night out with the girls on short notice, or for simply wanting to feel extra beautiful on a special day. Indeed little black dresses are very useful for many girls and women. They can be worn in various ways and for a wide range of occasions. They can also be matched with different accessories, bags, and shoes.

Here are the top 5 little black dresses for women that you can grab on to for your own clothing collection:

1. ZenTrend Black Chiffon Halter Party Dress – $115

ZenTrend Black Chiffon Halter Party Dress

Look amazing when you don this sheer black chiffon dress with a halter top, accentuated with an embroidered sash. Simple and sexy, it is certainly a great addition to your little black dresses if you do not already have a similar one. A perfect little black dress for evening wear and for partying at night.

2. bebe Madden Seam Detail Satin Dress – $159

Bebe Madden Seam Detail Satin Dress

If you want one of those body-hugging dresses to emphasize your beautiful figure and to attract the attention of your special someone, this is certainly a great choice. The heart-shaped neckline will bring out the glow in your face and will call attention to your neck and chest. The classic design, although with a sexy touch, is very pleasing to the eye while still providing an impression of elegant beauty. Furthermore, you can be assured of avoiding accidental dress slips as this particular dress has a non slip feature with a hidden zipper. It also contains a padded bra for convenience and comfort. This is a very sexy little black dress.

3. Calvin Klein Fit and Flare Dress – $129.50

Calvin Klein - Fit and Flare Dress (Black) - Apparel

Certainly, wearing a Calvin Klein dress is attention-grabbing in itself— both for the men and the ladies. This simple but gorgeous dress spells out classic beauty with subtle sexiness. It has a rounded neckline and an A-line skirt, as well as a matching belt, that all work together to give you that feminine look while highlighting your stunning curves. This dress is without any doubt a great pick for your personal selection of little black dresses.

4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Silk Blend Marfa Faille Dress – $400Marc By Marc Jacobs Silk Blend Marfa Faille Dress

Stylish and feminine— these are the perfect words to describe this dress. A strapless silk fusion with some draping on the chest area and slight ruffles at the waist, the dress is surely to die for especially if you are after dresses for formal events and once-in-a-lifetime dates. This can help you achieve a sexy but respectable and posh appearance.

5. French Connection – Dani Crepe Tank Dress – $101.99

French Connection - Dani Crepe Tank Dress (Black) - Apparel

If you want to flaunt your figure and to look striking, this is the dress for you. With this dress, you can definitely show some skin in a very stylish way. Being a black mini dress with stretchable material and criss-crossing straps at the back, you can carry this outfit for a refined and sophisticated evening look. It is also one of the dresses that can be worn during parties of various kinds. All you need to do is don the proper shoes, carry the appropriate bag, and put on the right accessories in order to shift from formal to semi-formal to even casual get-ups.

Having gone through the descriptions of these top 5 little black dresses, you can now choose which one you feel suits you the most and which will be flattering to your figure. Have fun!

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