Wimbledon 2013 Fashion: Best 5 Outfits

Those tennis fans who did ladies Wimbledon betting are probably nearing the heart attack with all the unexpected turnarounds and all the favorites out even before the semifinal. I however, though a huge tennis fan, also pay attention to fashion and though most fashionistas consider Wimbledon dull because of the lack of color, I think otherwise. Where else can you show your exquisite taste through accessories and little details preserving all the requirements for “official color”. Here are top 3 outfits of Wimbledon 2013 I consider the best:

1. Adidas by Stella McCartney Barricade Wimbledon Dress featured by Caroline Wozniacki – $120

This one really has a lot of style and cutouts on the back create sexy flair. White doesn’t mean boring and Stella McCartney is proving it again!

2. Maria Sharapova Nike Flounce Dress – $94

What could you add to a white dress to make it perfect? A nice detail like a bright orange swoosh and white ornaments. Narrow straps make this dress seem really summery and light. Which makes it a perfect bet for grass and not only grass.

3. Adidas dress featured by Ana Ivanovic

More skin! In addition to Adidas by Stella McCartney, Adidas is making a see-through dress for Ana. Pretty elegant design which is unfortunately not available for general purchase.

4. Serena Williams Nike Wimbledon dress – $68

It’s not only about dress though. The whole look deserves attention. Wimbledon always prided itself for conservatism. And here Serena is sporting a totally classy look, with a little exception of bright orange shorts (it’s orange again!)

This year Wimbledon shows us that the main trends are: orange and skin! And also unpredictability, as nobody could even imagine that neither of those 4 players would be in the semifinal.

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